My pieces reflect my passion for natural setting and the desire to take risks. My past study of art at Smith College influenced my interest in recreating views of landscapes through collage. My art has been selected and has won awards in several juried shows. The world around me is full of inspiration, and traveling provides insights that immediately translate to my canvas.

Mixed media challenged me to incorporate a sense of color, time and space into photographs. I was attracted to the freedom, the movement, and the limitless opportunities to rearrange reality through collage.

I am fascinated with the unique shapes and outrageous colors found in nature. Camera in hand, I travel all over the world to photograph sites such as ancient structures of Southeast Asia, the jumble and chaos of cities in India, and the vastness found in the Savannah's of the Serengeti. The resulting images are sometimes vibrant, concrete and realistic and, at other times, muted and abstract.