"Art enables me to capture and transfer my passion for life and nature onto canvas."

Collage reflects my passion for natural settings and the desire to take risks. The natural world around me is full of inspiration. I am fascinated by trees. I am drawn to their movement, shapes, and ever changing colors. Mountains and deserts also intrigue me. I use my camera to capture images which I transfer to my canvas. It is exciting to find what happens when I mix different materials and see how they respond to each other. Many times it is the unplanned interactions that become my favorite part of the collage.

My collages combine different materials such as original photographs, handmade paper, foreign newspapers, magazines, acrylic paints, inks, mono-prints, oil crayons, sand, glue, and found objects. The resulting images are both vibrant, realistic and, at other times, muted and abstract.

Applying many layers, I blend traditional artist mediums such as acrylic paint and oil pastel along with nontraditional materials such as transfers of my own photographs to create a complex surface with an intriguing sense of depth. This process mixes classic art techniques with 21st-century technology.